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My DT Classroom

Better Education for Better Students

My DT Classroom is an online education hub that provides a large and indispensable set of features to support DT educational activities such as classroom learning, distance education and continuing education.


My DT Classroom is a copyrighted LMS for schools & educational organizations.

Under license number. 6460301S025, UK.


A Warm Welcome,

Here, you will find everything organized in one place.

This page, allows you to stay up to date with the current situation of the DT subject for the Diploma Program at any given moment.

This page is connected with the school's Sharepoint to optimize productivity.

Features on the School's Sharepoint:

(Click to access the link)

- Students Digital Portfolios:

(Click on the name to open the link)

Dedicated to


Dalal Hammoudeh
Secondary School Principal
Arab International Academy
Doha, Qatar

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